Tagging Guidelines

Creating your tags is quick and easy! Simply log into your account and select

Manage Items. You will input the item description, size and price. You will also choose

if you want to discount or donate your item.

Tag Examples
Supplies for Getting Started
  • Safety Pins (1 ½ inches or larger) or Tagging Gun (Can be purchased with Barbs on Amazon)
  • White Card Stock 60 or 65 lb (Can be purchased at Walmart/Office Max/Staples)
  • Hangers (Plastic, wire or store hangers are accepted)
  • Zip Ties for shoes
  • Assorted sizes of Plastic Bags for packaging items such as onesies, socks, hair accessories and small toys
  • Plastic Wrap for wooden puzzles
  • Clear Packing Tape to attach tags to items such as toys and baby equipment
    (Note: Scotch Tape is not acceptable)
  • Painters Tape to attach tags to delicate items that would tear such as books, puzzles or board games
  • Magic Eraser or Bar Keepers Friend (Remove marks off of plastic toys)
  • Ink for Printer (Make sure your barcodes print dark and clear so they can be scanned during checkout)
  • Batteries (Use dollar store batteries to save on cost)
Preparing Your Items
  • Wipe down all toys and inspect them to ensure they have all of the working parts.
  • Carefully inspect clothing, bedding and baby equipment for stains or damage.
  • All items should be clean, free of wrinkles and hung neatly on a hanger. Hang your clothes so that the hanger looks like a “question mark” when looking at it.
  • All zippers must be zippered and buttons must be buttoned.
  • Items sell best when they are hanging. If possible, hang items such as blankets, towels and onesies (grouped together).
  • Keep in mind the condition and presentation of your items will bring you a higher dollar amount.
  • For expensive items, attach a print out of the item to show the quality rating, customer review and retail price. This allows the shopper to know the value and quality of the item you are selling.
Tagging Clothing
  • Secure tags to clothing with a safety pin or tagging gun. If you are using a safety pin, place your tag on the upper right hand side of the item when you are looking at it. Then run the pin horizontally through the area on the tag that states to pin here. If you use a tagging gun, place the barb through the manufacturer’s tag or under the seam of the right arm.
  • If you use a tagging gun, place the barb through the manufacturer’s tag or on the inside seam of the item. PLEASE DO NOT put the tagging gun through the clothing. It creates holes in the material and ruins the item. We will not accept items that are damaged due to incorrect placement of tags.
  • Group your clothing by size and gender before you start entering your items into the system. This will help speed up the process for you.


When hanging a shirt, place your shirt on the hanger with the hanger facing to the left like a question mark. You will then place the tag on the right hand side of the item when it is facing you.



When hanging pants, you will need to fold the corners of the waist over the top of the hanger and safety pin both sides. This will eliminate them from sliding on the hanger.



If you are hanging an outfit such as a shirt and jeans, you will need to hang the shirt on the hanger first. Place the jeans on the back of the shirt facing out so that the knees can be inspected. Then pin the jeans and shirt together through to the top part of the hanger.



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Attaching Tags with Safety Pins
Attaching Tags with Tagging Gun
Tagging Shoes
  • All shoes must be in excellent condition. Any shoes showing too much wear and tear such as holes or worn soles will not be accepted at the sale. Wipe down or launder shoes to ensure dirt is removed.
  • Ζiploc bags work great for smaller shoes. Tags will need to be tapped to the outside of the bag.
  • Using zip ties is the best way to keep larger shoes together. You can attach the zip tie through the shoelace eyelets or the tabs that can sometimes be found on the back of the shoes. Use a safety pin to attach the tag to the zip tie.
  • Tags tend to get lost from shoes. As an added precaution, you can place a piece of masking tape with your consignor number and selling price to the bottom of the shoe which will allow us to sell your shoes even if the tag has been misplaced.
Using Zip Tie to Connect Large Shoes Using Bag to Package Infant Shoes
Tagging Toys
  • All battery operated toys must have working batteries.
  • Place accessories in a ziploc bag and attach them to the main toy.
  • Use clear packing tape to secure tag and accessories
Using Packing Tape to Attach Accessories and Tag
Tagging Toys with Multiple Pieces
Tagging Media
  • All DVD's, CD's and video games must be in their original case. Please ensure there are no scratches on these items that will prevent them from working properly. Secure the tag to the front of the case with clear packing tape or painters tape.
Tagging a DVD
Tagging Puzzles
  • Wooden puzzles should be placed in a ziploc bag or wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Puzzles must have all of the pieces, or they will not be accepted at the sale.
  • Secure the tag to the top of the puzzle or box with painters tape. Please do not use packing tape, as it will tear the box.
Tagging a Puzzle
Tagging Books
  • Books must be in excellent condition. They should be free of tears, writing and torn pages. Use painters tape to attach your tag to the book. If you want to group books together, place them in a ziploc bag and attach a tag to the outside of the bag. Do not use scotch tape to attach your tags, as it will not hold the tag onto the book.
Packaging Multiple Books in a Bag and Attaching Tag with Packing Tape
Using Painter’s Tape on a Game